Vipers 10 - Round 6

Vipers 10 - Round 6

Lights out and away we go

10, 9, 8, 7, 6... not the countdown to the start but the revisions to the course distance as traffic light after traffic light appearing on the parcours forced resilient organisers to box and cox to keep the best evening 10 around on track. They put the lights out, but away we went.

The Vipers 10(k!) was a prologue style explosion of all out effort beasted best by the lightning fast James Jenkins (Hart Performance Coaching) who went fastest overall to the great surprise of absolutely no one.

Club competitions were hotly contested. None more so than the Open Road Bike where Pablo Beale, fed up of his kids doing all the winning, showed them the old man's still got it taking his first win of the season off the back of some good form built in his recent 6 hour MTB race. He edged out Mark Thurlow (returning to his familiar podium appearances) by just 3 seconds, Tim Landon looming large right behind in third.

Ade Adeyemi (pictured by @omnirocker) in his first club competition casually won the handicap - no biggie, just the max points and perfect start.

Congratulations to winners Louise Robinson (VTTA, Female TT), Debbie Coyle (Female RB), Ramsey Kechacha (Club Open TT) Will Barlow (Junior), Olly Beale (Juvenille).