The Shaftesbury Audax - August 2022

The Shaftesbury Audax - August 2022
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August 13, 2022

Phew Wot a Scorcher

Last Saturday 61 riders battled heat and thirst in Shaftesbury Cycling Club's Essex Lanes Randonees for up to 200km through the quiet lanes in the north of the county.

The weather, officially categorised as extreme heat at about 34 degrees in the shade, took its toll with a third of the riders deciding to call it a day or take a rest out of the blazing sun.

Parched throats were quenched with copious quantities of iced drinks and refuelled with plenty of carbs back at the Event HQ.

The events, also known as "Audax" cycling events are not races but test the riders endurance over long distances and all conditions.  The word Audax comes from the Latin meaning audacious or bold and the 40 riders that completed the rides certainly showed their determination under the adverse conditions.

A massive thanks to Tim and his team who kept the riders fed and watered throughout the very long and hot day.

About Shaftesbury Cycling Club...

Shaftesbury Cycling Club is one of the oldest continually existing sporting clubs in the world. Established in 1888, less than 3 years after the invention of the modern bicycle, ‘The Shaftesbury’ has thrived for over 130 years.

From its headquarters by the picturesque windmill at Mountnessing Village Hall Shaftesbury CC blends the finest traditions of the local UK club cycling scene with a modern and forward looking presence, generous benefits, and friendly and inclusive attitude.

Whether a complete beginner, veteran plodder, or dedicated racing athlete, ‘The Shaftesbury’ offers support, advice, and friendship to every rider. It is truly remarkable what the bicycle can do for those that recognise its near magical properties for the soul and adventure, joining our club helps unlock that potential, expand opportunity, and build pride in being a part of history.

Find out more about the benefits of membership here.

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The Shaftesbury Vipers 10  Round 18

The Shaftesbury Vipers 10  Round 18
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August 10, 2022

The Shaftesbury Vipers 10  League Week 18
Triumph over adversity was the name of the game for the overall 3 fastest at the Vipers 10 with Sam Thienel taming his UCI position, GB kit and long period stuck behind a van to post a 21 for fastest, Matt Steel holding onto second with a shipped chain and stop to put it back on, and Andrew Wenham taking top points among first claim members on a borrowed bike with his own now receiving end of life care… n+2 for Andrew then.
Aaron ‘in form’ Green won the handicap with a PB, and Martin Wheeler posted a PB too. Jane Brown took max points in the senior women.
The season comps are going down to the wire Gary Jackson still holding onto handicap but by one point from Wenham, who is threatening to challenge Gary in the Vets comp now in and end of season thriller.
Special mention in despatches to private Sam Cooper who majorly impressed in his first outing and could go far in our ranks, get him a form!
Thanks as always to Paul Looke for the photography, just about all of which is totally unusable because, you know, we love him but Omnirocker, Davey Jones and Tim can sleep soundly in their beds.

The Shaftesbury Vipers 10 Round 17

The Shaftesbury Vipers 10 Round 17
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August 3, 2022

The Shaftesbury Vipers 10  League Week 17
Sam Thienel (pictured) was number one when guest appearing at his spiritual home and going fastest.
Ridiculousness was taken to a new level though by Simon Ginger (who you will remember knocked well over a minute off his PB last week) who won the handicap again this time going another minute faster. 2 minutes off PB in two weeks and still getting used to his new bike. Aaron Green was only 2 seconds off PB and remains in good form.
Fred Barlow took the juniors with a big PB too in the humid conditions.
Gary Jackson still looks good for the Vets title, but Andrew Wenham has a chance to steal the handicap from him, possibly, in a tight race. Wenham odds on for the fastest title, only ever having dropped points to Baumber, who cannot qualify for the competition come season end.

Club 30 Results

Club 30 Results
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July 31, 2022

The club bungalow’s rustic charms welcomed riders and marshals to the 30 on the newly revised course but with that same tough finish. Happily there was no incident or accident and the top 3 scratch finished as

1.     K. Baumber
2.     G. Jackson
3.     A. Glessing

On handicap the result was
1.     R. Stevens
2.     L. Brook
3.     P. Looke
That meant that the 2022 Club Veterans Champion sits with Baumber +58.16, Jackson +47.39, Looke +32,23 in the provisional top 3.

Essex TT Championships – HPC Summer Classic

Essex TT Championships – HPC Summer Classic
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July 30, 2022

HPC’s 10 mile TT on the E91 hosted the Essex TT Champs with a club contingent turning out. Leah Brook was only 5 seconds off being crowned Ladies Road Bike TT Champion 2022 with its special jersey prize, a great performance and frustrating near miss but great inspiration for next time out.

Phil Hodey was quickest SCC male keeping just ahead of Steve Murphy. Richard Parrotte’s  DNF was one better than Andrew Wenham’s DNS but the real trouble met Aaron Green who to shock and horror of those at the start was basically attacked by a mad van driver trying to force him off the road for much of the first few miles – but Aaron’s by now legendary bike handling skills kept him upright and he carried on in spite of it all.

* Photos by Annabelle May Photography

* Special thanks to event organiser Hart Performance Coaching

The Shaftesbury Vipers 8 Round 16

The Shaftesbury Vipers 8 Round 16
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July 27, 2022

An 8 mile effort was all that was available after mo’ traffic lights mo’ problems shortened the Shaftesbury Vipers 10 circuit into a house of pain.
Straight outta Blackmore it was all a dream for Simon Ginger on his brand new bike, he had one shot, one opportunity to seize the handicap win in one moment, and he captured it.
After marshalling the start and missing the warm up palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms were heavy but the Notorious K.E.V. Baumber jumped on to steal more points from Andrew Weminem to go fastest overall. This 2 pack split only by LL cool as an ice cube Nick Knight (HPC),
Missy el Leah Brook managed to fight the power once more for maximum points in the ladies competition.
Beast boys the Barlow brothers smashed it once again in the juniors.
Nick M.C.Auliffe signed up but ready or not was unable to start, we hope to see him again soon in da club.

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